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Landfilling organic materials such as food waste, paper and cardboard gives rise to landfill gas which is rich in methane. That's why we are encouraging people to reduce and recycle as much waste as possible.

At Hill and Moor landfill gas is utilised through five one-megawatt electricity generating engines, which produce enough power to supply all on-site needs and sufficient power for a town the size of nearby Pershore - around 5,000 households.

Once the landfill has reached its design height, the completed landfill cells are capped off with low permeability clay, covered with soils to a pre-agreed specification, and restored to a mixture of grasslands/wildflower meadows and woodland.

The landfill site is closely monitored by the Environment Agency.

Let's Waste Less provides lots of helpful hints and tips to help you reduce the amount of rubbish that you produce.

A Community Liaison Group exists to communicate information in relation to the facility with the local community.

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