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Up my street: a passion for recycling in KempseyWooden gate

I am lucky to live in a street where recycling is take up with an avid passion. This year has been no exception. Due to one person having major work carried out on his property, he kindly asked members of the street what they may want. This resulted in a major exchange of re-used materials. I got his old front door another person re-used his old back door. A third neighbour has used his old bricks to use in a new feature in his garden.


Another person in the street uses all the untreated waste wood in the street for his wood burner; shortly to be joined by a further person who had a new wood burner fitted in his house. A set of front driveway gates has been constructed from waste wood by yet another neighbour; together with a set of hanging flower stands.Flower stands


For my part I have used waste wood from The WRE (Worcestershire Resource Exchange) to construct flower stands for hanging baskets; together with pallets for a compost bin. Furthermore, most of my fences have been painted with supplies from the aforementioned WRE.


To reduce the cost of undertaking jobs in the street- we have an informal tool sharing system – whereby in most cases we borrow any tools needed from each other. This saves costs and the carbon foot print of buying new.


In conclusion, very little is wasted in the street as most compost and recycle most materials – creating a positive community for all and the environment.



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